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Cat Sitting

Are you looking for the services of a Cat Sitter?

Do you dread the thought of putting your cat in a cattery?  You’re not alone!  As a cat owner you will gain many benefits from hiring a cat sitter.

Cat owners use 2 Paws up Inc because:

  • They know that the pet sitter will help to maintain the cat’s feeding schedule by feeding their cat, and ensuring a supply of fresh water at each visit.
  • They know that their cats want to be in their own cozy place at night.
  • They know their cats will be brushed, and played with.
  • They know our sitters are passionate about the love and care they give.

2 Paws Up Inc Pet Sitters will also take care of your home while you’re away on vacation.  Some other benefits we provide are bringing in your mail and newspapers, helping to turn lights on and off to make your home look occupied, and the knowledge that your home is still secured even while you’re away.  We will also email you pictures and a daily journal on each visit.

Here is a video talking about how one of our pet sitters found a life-threatening illness and reacted quickly, and the kitty was safe.

If you are still considering the option of using a Cat Sitter see what questions most of our clients have had:

Will my cat love a Cat Sitter?

What should I choose- a Cat Sitter versus a Cattery?  What is the difference?

How much does a Cat Sitter Cost?

How often should my cat be visited?


Give us a call to discuss your cat sitting needs.  You will be glad you did.  Visit our website and Request-A-Quote or Call us 770-695-3096.

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