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What Makes Your Pet Happy

Are there tell-tail signs that indicate to you your pet
is happy? Why, yes, there are!


A Happy Dog…

  • has a “sparkle” or “glow” about him. He’s interested in his surroundings and enjoys interaction with people and other animals.
  • makes eye contact and is interested in his humans’ activities. He often joins in on the fun.
  • is interested in eating his food.
  • has a shiny coat, bright eyes, pink gums and a pink tongue (except for Shar Peis, Chow Chows, or other black tongued breeds, of course!)
  • wags his tail when in verbal or physical contact with humans.
  • makes pleasure noises when interacting with humans and other animals (noises that his humans know as happy noises).
  • sleeps well at night with little or no disturbance.
  • rolls around in obvious pleasure.
  • appears to spontaneously seek pleasure, like running and/or swimming in the surf when at the beach.
  • is relaxed around other dogs and has good inter-canine relationships.








A Happy Cat…

  • is confident, interacts with her humans, and often initiates contact.
  • “talks” to her humans (the classic sound of feline happiness is the “purrrrrr,” of course).
  • has bright eyes, a good coat, pink gums and tongue, and grooms herself several times per day.
  • rolls on her back, jumps and plays.
  • wanders around her house and/or outdoors seeking entertainment, such as swatting at bugs, chasing butterflies, calling birds, using her scratching post, and playing hide and seek.

You’ll likely notice the list for a happy cat is noticeably shorter than the list for a happy dog, but, as most cat lovers know, cats aren’t quite as outgoing as dogs and are prone to standoffish personalities.

So how does your pet rank on the happiness meter? Is Tigger a typical happy cat, or do you feel there may be cause to worry? Whether you are the pet parent of a dog or a cat, if you notice any concerning changes in your pet’s behavior, speak to your vet. After all, while our pets can display obvious signs of happiness like the ones above, they can’t verbally tell us when something is wrong, and are quite skilled at masking pain and discomfort.

Top 12 Reasons You Will Love Having a Dog

iStock_000022888708Medium Lady and Dog

When you have a dog you will be very happy with the results, there is no doubt that you need to love the upsides that come from it. How could it be any better than waking up to a smiling face and knowing that they love you always? Here are the proven benefits of having a dog.

  1. You will be happier right away!

When you spend just a few minutes with a dog per day you will love the fact that you will be able to enjoy yourself as well as feel more relaxed and happy. When you play with your puppy you will be able to know that you are increasing your levels of dopamine and serotonin and that means that you will feel much better. The fastest way to improve that is to play with your pet right away.

  1. Petting your dog will lower your risk of heart disease!

When you have high blood pressure you will feel much better when you are petting your dog. You will be surprised to know how much a few minutes with your pet can reduce your anxiety and ensure that you are able to feel much better.

  1. Dogs are better for sensitive skin than cats!

If you have a problem with allergies as well as if you have any issues you will be able to enjoy knowing that dogs are very helpful for you. People who have dogs have a lower chance of getting eczema and that means that you will have fewer allergies as well.

  1. You will be healthier!

One thing that is wonderful about your dog is that you will exercise together which means that you will be healthier and happier as well as better adjusted to your surroundings. When you are taking your dog out every day you cannot help but take in the sun as well as get some exercise. This is a great way for you to be able to enjoy yourself and know that you are going to be in good spirits.

  1. You will recover much more quickly with a dog.

People who have dogs get much better quicker when they have a dog. People who have had heart attackers are two times as likely to recover faster with a dog as those who do not have a dog.


  1. Dogs can be trained to do almost anything.

Dogs are very smart, and that means that they can be trained to do almost anything. When it comes to handling owners who have disabilities or who are in stressful situations, this is a natural for dogs. They can be trained to anticipate heart attacks and also to prevent stressful situations for their human owners.


  1. Children who have dogs at home have higher school attendance

Whether you realize it or not, kids who have dogs at home are more adjusted which means that they have better health and less sickness. This translates to kids staying in school longer and missing fewer days.

  1. Dogs make your kids happier!

If you have kids, having a dog will make them happier and ensure that they are able to be more adjusted to their surroundings. If a child is suffering from being bullied or other issues, having a dog is a great way to create a sense of security for the child.

  1. Dogs are loyal!

Dogs are extremely smart and loyal, and they will show you that. You will always have a happy face to wake up to as well as someone who knows when you are not feeling well. Having a dog is having a best friend for life.

  1. Dogs Will Find Their Owners!

One dog in South Dakota travelled 2800 miles to find his owner. Dogs love their owners and want to be with them, this dog; Bobbie the Wonder dog holds the record in human recovery stories.

  1. Dogs Increase Your Security!

Dogs are great watchers ad they see everything, they will let you know when there is something wrong and will alert you when there is a problem in your neighborhood. When you have a dog, you can be assured that they will be on the lookout to help you at every moment.

  1. Dogs Get You Out!

When you have a dog, you have to walk it and take it out on a regular basis. That means that you need to make sure that you are getting exercise but that you are also interacting with people on a regular basis. When you are out and about you cannot help but be more happy and healthy in every way.

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How to Deal With Cat Behavior Problems

pmnuR-aSUwX919jUY5MCw0u0n4qXnryUeT72ZWiDAlQLet’s face it we all have cats that cause problems. We are going to take a look at some of the most difficult issues and how to handle them. Aside from allergies, bad behavior is the reason that many owners will replace their cats and find other less difficult models. Let’s take a look at the most common cat behavior issues and find ways to get around them.

  1. What is Wrong With Your Cat?

Knowing how to understand cat behavior issues is hard and it can be something very hard to do. We are not psychologists and sometimes it is very hard to know what you cat is thinking. Make sure first that you are looking at your cat’s body language. You can tell when something is wrong right away if your cat is looking at you with his or her ears pinned back and is making a hissing noise. You also will get good at recognizing all of the different versions of the meow which are not all so playful and fun. You need to know also what the cat play can mean about the behavior of your cat and what you are encouraging with the kind of play you are engaging in.

  1. Cat Training Basics: When you understand the behavior of your cat, you will then know how you can mold and change it based on the way that your cat is reacting. We will show you what to do to reinforce the good behavior as well as what to do with the bad behavior. That means that you will see that there are some behaviors you can get your cat to stop and others that you will not be able to get them to stop.


  1. Dealing With Cats That Bite and Scratch: Let’s face it, cats play too rough and that means that you are always worried sometimes whether the cat is going to bite or scratch you which mean that you have a behavior problem in paradise. You do not have to accept that your cat is unpredictable; instead you can break your cat of the bad habits and be assured that you are able to have a cat that will stop biting and scratching. Although it is painful, he or she does not understand that they are hurting you.
  2. How to Deal With Cats that Are Difficult Eaters: Let’s face it, we all have that one cat that is a problem and that always does not want to eat what he or she is supposed to. Maybe you have also tried tons of foods but they will not eat. It can be an issue with the cat, so for that reason we are going to offer some real suggestions that will help you find a way to deal with a difficult cat. When you are able to do this, you will see that there are tons of things that you can do that will allow you to fix this issue.
  3. How to Handle Cats That Knock Things Over: Cats are by their very nature very curious and are always causing issues when it comes to what they are doing. This means that you have the ability to monitor them and to ensure that they know where they are supposed to be and where they are supposed to be and where they are not supposed to be.


  1. Dealing With Cats Who Will Not Use the Litterbox: We all have that cat that refuses to use the litterbox; he or she will instead make a mess on the floor and will not listen to you in the long term. We are going to show you how to make important changes that will allow you to get your cat to use the box properly. That may mean that you need to have more than one litterbox and that you may need to clean it on a more regular basis.



  1. Dealing With Cats Those Consume Things They Should Not Eat: We all have that cat that is obsessed with plastic, or that wants to cause issues as well by eating things that are not appropriate. We are going to look at how it is possible to curb them of this problem once and for all and what you can do to make sure that your cat is not tearing things up. Also, it is very important to realize that it is not only messy but is also very dangerous for your cat.

Why We Are Obsessed With Cats?

Dawn and SiggyWhen it comes to the internet, we are living in a world that is dominated by cats. What that means is that we see them in gifs, we see them in videos, and that there are over 200 million cat videos that are uploaded every year. Why is it that we are obsessed with these animals that keep us laughing, smiling, and enjoying every antic?

The History of Cats

When it comes to cats we have had them around for about 15,000 years. They first showed up in ancient Egypt and were excellent help mates for all of us as we sought to be able to do things like keep rats out of food and keep the rat population down. Cats were willing to cohabitate with their human counterparts in many situations as long as they were able to maintain some degree of autonomy. The Egyptians, recognizing the value of what they were doing began to worship cats and make them offerings. In addition to this, the cat began to show up in the depiction of the god Bast and Bastette, who was believed to look after little children. Many children in Egypt began carrying little figurines of Bastette so that they would be protected from all of the bad things around them.

We have always since the time of the Egyptians used cats to keep us company as well as to make sure that we are able to keep our areas pest free. Cats were one of the reasons that the Black Plague did not last longer than it did. They were there to make sure that the rats, which started the plague, were eradicated. Myth and legends of cats being the familiars of witches were rampant even up until the Victorian Age, as people thought that if you had a cat you were assuredly a witch. Cats were reintroduced into crowded Industrial work spaces when cities began to grow and the pest population was getting out of control.

Why Do We Admire Cats?

Cats for us hold some element of the universal, aside from this fact; they also are a way that we see ourselves in a more idealized sense. When it comes to cats, they are beautiful, independent, sleek and agile. They have many of the characteristics we all wish we could have. Cats also have the best job in the world of simply sleeping all day and being fed by their human caretakers, this is a job that almost every working person would love to have.

Cats in videos are funny, expressive, and get into more trouble than we ever could imagine. We simply cannot stop watching them. There is even now a cat video festival in Texas in which people submit entries from all over the world vying to have the number one video. We also cannot stop watching cats on the internet as there are many celebrities out there that are feline. Grumpy Cat alone in the last year took in over 200 million dollars in money from endorsements, product placement, and other deals, what that means for cats out there is that they are able to bring a whole new dimension to viral qualities. Cats are the animals that we all wish we could be and we cannot help but idolize them.

When we own cats, we also own more than expected. According to a recent survey conducted by Forbes, the average American owns 3 cats, with many owning 4 or more. We cannot help but marvel at cat’s antics, as well as marvel at their interactions with one another and ourselves. Cats remain the most admired of all pets, and their owners respect them for their independence, ever troublesome attitude, and their tendencies to try and get in constant trouble. Is it any wonder that we cannot unplug from them and that we forgive them when they are tearing up an environment or they are shredding something important? Cats are something that we must learn to love and respect as they are. They have not changed much in thousands of years; chances are they will not be changing much in the next 5,000 years. One thing is for sure however, as long as cats and people exist together, we will go on worshipping them as though we were still in ancient Egypt. Whether we like it or not, the cats know this as well and will continue to keep us entertained and yet still remain aloof to us.

Why Do Cats Play?

CharcoalWhy Cats Play

Cats are by nature very playful creatures and that means that they are a lot of fun for owners. However, also just like in people as they age, they become less playful. What this means is that there are many forms of play that are important to cats.

Why Do Cats Play?

For many generations people have argued that play, has a deep reason behind it. The thing that is not clear is what is the reason behind it? Some people think that play is a complete waste of energy and that over time it will go away. However, all people do it whether they realize it or not and that means that researchers, like their subjects should get out a bit more often.

Play is important to work kittens as it is practice for adult life. However, it is still something that happens even when pets get older which is a bit of a curiosity for researchers. However at the end of the day you know that this is fun and that is enough reason for the behavior.

How Do You Know When Your Pet is Playing or Not?

Sometimes you may not be sure if your pet is really being aggressive or if it is going to play with you. You will see that when cats are playing, they are often a bit destructive, they will run, jump, slide, bite, and cause all other kinds of havoc in your environment. But the reason for this is that they are interacting with each other. If you were really seeing a cat fight you would know it, you would see lots of hissing, lots of fighting and a lot of yowling. When cats get aggressive this is important to note, when the cat smacks another cat but the claws are not out, it is not fighting.

One other thing that lets you know about the play is who the aggressor is. The reason for this is you will see who has an open jaw and more relaxed in the situation and who is clearly not and is in the mood to attack and take down the competition. If you are not sure if your cats are about to fight or play, you may need to break it up. What this means is that you intervene and put the cats in other rooms. Sometimes, it is not clear why there will be a situation that will develop into a fight that needs to be dealt with, this is the way that you will be able to break them up.

Bring Out the Best in Your Cat

Now that you feel like you understand the behavior of your cat, you will be able to show him or her how to be the best version of himself that he can be. Make sure that you take the time to spend with your cat and that you are also playing with your cat. You need to play with your cat as much as your other cats play with him too. You are after all your cat’s parent and that means that you need to take some responsibility for the time with the cat. You want to make sure that you are playing with your cat and that your cat is moving. The more you play with your cat, the more your cat will not fear other people and you will soon realize that you are able to share time with your cat as well as with other cats.

Let your cats play together as well as long as there is no bullying that is happening in the house and you will be assured an environment where everyone in the home feels happy and safe. You will have a home that is a utopia for all of your pets and will be assured to be able to spend time with your pets on a regular basis. Cats need us as much as we need them and that means that if you play with your cats, let them socialize and realize that just like you would need to separate little kids on a playground when they act out of turn you will also need to discipline your children from time to time. That means that you will be able to ensure that all of the family members in your house are taken care of an accounted for. You will have a home that is full of cats that are happy and healthy, and so will you be.

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A lot of companies out there that claim that they have organic pet food, and some of them do. However, how do you know which one to go with considering how many are out there?

dog-computer-150x150There are a lot of companies out there that claim that they have organic pet food, and some of them do. However, how do you know which one to go with considering how many are out there? You want to make sure that you understand all of the terms and the labeling that is on the packages so that you will be assured that you are giving your pet the right food. But how do you know what all of the labels means and which ones really deliver? We are going to take a look at all of those factors and ensure that you have the best ones for your pet.

Some people will always say that fresh food is the best for your pet, but let’s be honest, not everyone has the time or the ability to get these ingredients and prepare them. What that means is that many people need to have the ability to use dry food in order to fulfill their pet’s needs.

This is a review of the best dry food companies for pets. All of the companies that are listed here guarantee that the foods that they are providing are 95% organic for all of the pets. It is very important to try out a smaller version of these foods if at all possible so that you will be able to guarantee that your pet will be able to eat them. There are many kinds of foods that are natural that pets may not want to eat because they do not find the look or the smell appealing.

  1. Castor and Pollux Organix

This is a great company that has all kinds of foods for pets. All of the foods that they offer are organic, natural and free range. All of the ingredients have also been verified and certified by an agency to make sure that the quality is of the highest caliber. Of all of the brands that contain chicken, this is one that seems to be the best for the pets as they like the look, the smell, and the flavor.

  1. Natura Karma

This is a wonderful line of foods that are 95% organic and that are perfect for dogs. Every ingredient that they use contains 100% organic materials and they also have no soy, no corn, and no wheat. They also have a very impressive process when it comes to manufacturing, this is because they take the time and ensure that they are having tons of quality checks before all of the food is shipped to the stores. In addition to this, the food is cooked as gently as possible to make sure that all of the nutrients and enzymes are maintained in the preparation process. There is nothing in the food that is not natural as there is nothing that is chemical or preservative based.

  1. PetGuard

This is one company that takes the certification and the seriousness of their products one step further than all of the other lines and ensures that all of their ingredients come from within the USA. In addition to this, the entire line of products is certified which it is not possible for any other line to say with any kind of claim or certainty.

The entire line also has more than 95% of organic ingredients and also offers all of their foods without any kind of soybeans which is very important for the health of the pet. The company even has a vegetarian line of food that is also free of soy to ensure the best options for your pet. The company uses only the best and the food is of the highest quality and could easily be eaten by humans. There are no GMOs in their food, it is vitamin rich and it is perfect for any of our furry friends.

When it comes to pets, they are members of our family. What that means is that they deserve the best that we can give them, that means that they deserve the best foods as well as the best nutrition to ensure that they are happy and healthy. We need to make sure in the same way that we would only provide the best for our family members, that we are doing the same for our pets. Having the best food ensures that you will be able to have your pet with you for a much longer time. This kind of love and care for your pet signifies that you love him or her and that you want them with you as long as possible.