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Here Are Some Home Remedies for Common Cat Ailments.

Natural remedies are becoming more and more popular for both pets and their owners alike.  While you should always count on the expertise of your vet with any health concern regarding your pets, there are a plethora of natural remedies for common ailments that you might find helpful.  Below are several holistic methods that are done with standard tools and ingredients found in your own home.

  • Constant Itching

There are many different causes of itching including, but not limited to dandruff, allergies or pests such as fleas.  Regardless of the culprit, itchy cats are generally grumpy and standoffish pets.  Turn that frown upside down with a homemade remedy made of peppermint, rosemary, or pennyroyal.  Use caution when using essential oils as cats are finicky and don’t respond well to ingesting them.  Alternatively, you can try a calming bath with tea and catnip or aloe to soothe your cat’s irritated skin.

Is dandruff or skin flakes the problem? Skip the dandruff shampoo and try a humidifier first.  A humidifier combined with a healthy diet will naturally rejuvenate and hydrate your cat’s dry, scaly skin.  This condition is usually caused by a lack of moisture in the air but occasionally has other causes.

  • Hairball Control

Probably one of the most annoying and, yes disgusting, issues with owning a cat is hairballs.  These gross little “surprises” seem to appear out of nowhere, and you always tend to discover them while barefoot.  (Eww.) Especially if your cat is one that likes to scatter them like a minefield.  While taking your cat and shaving them might sound like a fabulous idea, we don’t recommend it.  Have you ever seen how pathetic those hairless cats look or even your cat when they’re wet? Your newly shaved cat will look very much the same (and that’s just a pitiful image).  Instead of shaving, try a less drastic and traumatic remedy by brushing your furry friend daily and then wipe down their fur with a damp towel to get all the loose hairs.  This keeps your cat’s fur nice and maintained without them having to solely rely on their own grooming which is where the hairballs come from.

You can also ease your cat’s ability to pass the hairballs by giving them a little butter to eat. Keep the amount small, no more than a half a teaspoon for a few days.  Of course, a high fiber diet and consistent exercise also help with hairballs.  So get going and make your home blissfully hairball free.

  • Bladder Issues

Cats are relatively susceptible to bladder or urethra problems including infections and blockages.  Male cats are especially prone to these type of health issues.  If your cat tends toward this kind of problem, we recommend unsweetened cranberry juice to prevent a reoccurrence.  Cranberry increases a cat’s urine acidity which helps to combat infections and creates less chance of blockages.

How do you give them the juice? Try adding cranberry powder to your cat’s food or put a few drops of cranberry juice into their water.  If that doesn’t take, then use a syringe of juice straight into your cat’s mouth or a cranberry capsule daily.  Proper dosage should be discussed with your vet to ensure that your cat is getting all the benefits without any issues.

  • Turf Wars

Cats, like many animals, can be very territorial.  Some can’t wait to start a fight with whatever or whoever get in their way.  Minor scratches as a result of an altercation are hardly a reason to go to the vet for an expensive checkup.  However, make sure you tend to the wounds as quickly as possible. Cleanse the wounds to prevent infection with either a saline solution or diluted baby shampoo.  Saline Solution is simple to make at home with salt and water, or you can buy a pre-made first-aid solution which can be found at any pharmacy.  It’s a good idea to slightly trim the fur (or just keep a close eye on the wound) around the injury to check for inflammation or infection.  If any of those symptoms occur, contact your vet immediately.

Now you have some tools at your disposal to hopefully help you take better care of your adorable feline friendJust like anything else, research any home remedies or holistic treatment before you begin to ensure that you won’t do more harm than good.  When in doubt (or if your kitty shows no signs of improvement) contact and visit your vet right away.

We hope you enjoyed this article. It’s always nice to be more holistic with our pets. However, we recommend before giving anything to treat your cat is to contact your veterinarian.  Please feel free to share your holistic approach to good cat care.  We would love to hear and share. Please visit your facebook page at If you want you can send me an email or call 770-695-3096. We also offer cat sitting. Check our website

What Makes Your Pet Happy

Are there tell-tail signs that indicate to you your pet
is happy? Why, yes, there are!


A Happy Dog…

  • has a “sparkle” or “glow” about him. He’s interested in his surroundings and enjoys interaction with people and other animals.
  • makes eye contact and is interested in his humans’ activities. He often joins in on the fun.
  • is interested in eating his food.
  • has a shiny coat, bright eyes, pink gums and a pink tongue (except for Shar Peis, Chow Chows, or other black tongued breeds, of course!)
  • wags his tail when in verbal or physical contact with humans.
  • makes pleasure noises when interacting with humans and other animals (noises that his humans know as happy noises).
  • sleeps well at night with little or no disturbance.
  • rolls around in obvious pleasure.
  • appears to spontaneously seek pleasure, like running and/or swimming in the surf when at the beach.
  • is relaxed around other dogs and has good inter-canine relationships.








A Happy Cat…

  • is confident, interacts with her humans, and often initiates contact.
  • “talks” to her humans (the classic sound of feline happiness is the “purrrrrr,” of course).
  • has bright eyes, a good coat, pink gums and tongue, and grooms herself several times per day.
  • rolls on her back, jumps and plays.
  • wanders around her house and/or outdoors seeking entertainment, such as swatting at bugs, chasing butterflies, calling birds, using her scratching post, and playing hide and seek.

You’ll likely notice the list for a happy cat is noticeably shorter than the list for a happy dog, but, as most cat lovers know, cats aren’t quite as outgoing as dogs and are prone to standoffish personalities.

So how does your pet rank on the happiness meter? Is Tigger a typical happy cat, or do you feel there may be cause to worry? Whether you are the pet parent of a dog or a cat, if you notice any concerning changes in your pet’s behavior, speak to your vet. After all, while our pets can display obvious signs of happiness like the ones above, they can’t verbally tell us when something is wrong, and are quite skilled at masking pain and discomfort.

What Everyone Should Know With Meeting A Siamese Cat

Meet the Siamese, a short article about the cat, its history and character by Ellen Whyte

Qwill_the_Siamese_catA Siamese cat is like a jewel.  These beautiful pets have soft fine pale cream coats set off with “points” meaning dark masks, ears, feet, and tails. The whole gorgeous effect is set off by bright blue eyes that sparkle like sapphires.

According to legend Siamese cats were once pets in the royal courts of Thailand whose job it was to guard their owners as well as their palaces and temples.  Although it’s a terrific story, it’s probably just that – a story.

Siamese cats are seen on streets all over Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.  Some are much loved and indulged pets, but there are just as many who are simple ferals.

The first Siamese cats were sent from Thailand to the UK and USA in the 1880s as gifts.  Their unusual markings and personalities were an instant hit, leading the foundation of the first Siamese Cat Club in 1901.

The wild Siamese in Asia has the same lean body and pointy face you see in Western pedigrees but they often have kinky tails.  This is genetic, caused by a recessive gene, and it has been mostly bred out by breeders abroad.

Siamese breeders argue over which is the “right” look for this pedigree, so you get those who like chocolate points, lavender points, chunky bodies, lean bodies and so on.

All Siamese cats are beautiful but what’s really great is their character. These blue-eyed cats are highly intelligent.  They love to climb, to jump and they are extremely loud when they talk.  They also talk up a storm – all day long!

While they are excellent companions, they are prone to adopting one special human as their personal servant, and they can also be extremely bossy.

Maybe there is some truth in that regal myth after all!

Why We Are Obsessed With Cats?

Dawn and SiggyWhen it comes to the internet, we are living in a world that is dominated by cats. What that means is that we see them in gifs, we see them in videos, and that there are over 200 million cat videos that are uploaded every year. Why is it that we are obsessed with these animals that keep us laughing, smiling, and enjoying every antic?

The History of Cats

When it comes to cats we have had them around for about 15,000 years. They first showed up in ancient Egypt and were excellent help mates for all of us as we sought to be able to do things like keep rats out of food and keep the rat population down. Cats were willing to cohabitate with their human counterparts in many situations as long as they were able to maintain some degree of autonomy. The Egyptians, recognizing the value of what they were doing began to worship cats and make them offerings. In addition to this, the cat began to show up in the depiction of the god Bast and Bastette, who was believed to look after little children. Many children in Egypt began carrying little figurines of Bastette so that they would be protected from all of the bad things around them.

We have always since the time of the Egyptians used cats to keep us company as well as to make sure that we are able to keep our areas pest free. Cats were one of the reasons that the Black Plague did not last longer than it did. They were there to make sure that the rats, which started the plague, were eradicated. Myth and legends of cats being the familiars of witches were rampant even up until the Victorian Age, as people thought that if you had a cat you were assuredly a witch. Cats were reintroduced into crowded Industrial work spaces when cities began to grow and the pest population was getting out of control.

Why Do We Admire Cats?

Cats for us hold some element of the universal, aside from this fact; they also are a way that we see ourselves in a more idealized sense. When it comes to cats, they are beautiful, independent, sleek and agile. They have many of the characteristics we all wish we could have. Cats also have the best job in the world of simply sleeping all day and being fed by their human caretakers, this is a job that almost every working person would love to have.

Cats in videos are funny, expressive, and get into more trouble than we ever could imagine. We simply cannot stop watching them. There is even now a cat video festival in Texas in which people submit entries from all over the world vying to have the number one video. We also cannot stop watching cats on the internet as there are many celebrities out there that are feline. Grumpy Cat alone in the last year took in over 200 million dollars in money from endorsements, product placement, and other deals, what that means for cats out there is that they are able to bring a whole new dimension to viral qualities. Cats are the animals that we all wish we could be and we cannot help but idolize them.

When we own cats, we also own more than expected. According to a recent survey conducted by Forbes, the average American owns 3 cats, with many owning 4 or more. We cannot help but marvel at cat’s antics, as well as marvel at their interactions with one another and ourselves. Cats remain the most admired of all pets, and their owners respect them for their independence, ever troublesome attitude, and their tendencies to try and get in constant trouble. Is it any wonder that we cannot unplug from them and that we forgive them when they are tearing up an environment or they are shredding something important? Cats are something that we must learn to love and respect as they are. They have not changed much in thousands of years; chances are they will not be changing much in the next 5,000 years. One thing is for sure however, as long as cats and people exist together, we will go on worshipping them as though we were still in ancient Egypt. Whether we like it or not, the cats know this as well and will continue to keep us entertained and yet still remain aloof to us.

How to Travel With a Pet in an Airplane

Travel-Pet-200x300Traveling with a cat or dog can be a real challenge.  Some airlines until recently, unless an animal was a service animal, would insist that the cat or the dog be put into the cargo hold. What that meant though was that pets were literally relegated in spaces like they were suitcases, and they were not attended to for the entire plane ride.

Animals would be left in hot or cold conditions without food or water and would be there until the plane arrived at the destination. This was traumatic for many pets that were unable to feel any sense of direction or know when they would arrive at their destination. Since and animal cannot talk, many of them would whimper and cry, not knowing their destination, or knowing if their owner had abandoned him or her. When you listen to the noises that children make, let alone animals when a plane is landing, it is very evident that they are terrified. There is a whole new level of G force as well as shock that the body is a part of in flight. In addition to this, there is also a whole new level of pressure that is in the ears of the pets, like babies as well. In addition to this, when you consider that a dog or a cat can also hear 4-5 better than a human, imagine all of the terrifying noises that they also must be hearing coming from the plane.

When you think about a cat or dog also being loaded into the cargo hold, you also have to think about the confusion of the turn style for the pet as well as the handling of their crate by people that they do not know. Many cats and dogs will cower in their pet holder based on the fact that they cannot stand the noise. When it comes to cats and dogs being in this position, as a pet owner with a furry member of your family that must mean that your heart breaks for them, the cargo hold is not appropriate.

What About Service Animals?

This is a title that has become much abused in recent years by pet owners. Many pet owners will a service vest online for their dog and then put it on them so that they have the ability to bring the cat or the dog into the main cabin of the plane. The real problem with this is that there are many people who have medical or psychological needs who are being discriminated against now because of the people out there who are insisting that their animal is a service animal. This lack of attention on behalf of pet owners has led to many bans of service animals on planes and in other locations.

What About the Fair Treatment of Animals?

You will be thankful to know that there has been a change in the rules of most airlines these days. Instead of thinking that it is OK to treat pets this way, now they are being brought on board to airlines and stowed if they are small in a carry on under the seat in front of the traveler. This can still mean that large animals have to travel in the cargo hold sometimes. However, it also means that they are able to be checked on at all times by the staff of the airline and that their needs of food and water are now being accommodated. It is hard to imagine that in 2015, it is possible that animals were being treated in such a manner.

Animals not having the ability to speak depend on us to be their voices and to ensure that they are safe and cared for in every sense of the word. That also means standing up to the airlines and ensuring that they know that it is not feasible or OK to treat pets like luggage. They are after all members of our family and deserve to be with us for our entire lives. Consider how you would feel if you were locked in a little crate and relegated to a small area in the bottom of a plane. Chances are you would not be too happy about it. Now if you take away your ability to speak as well as your ability to completely understand what is going on, you have the same level of comprehension that a pet would have.  If there are any airlines out there that are not supporting the pets inside the main cabin, it is time for a change!  What are your thoughts or experiences regarding air travel?

How to Shape Your Cat’s Behavior

Lori Arnold PictureYour cat is very independent on its own and that means that it is a little more difficult to train a cat than it is to train a dog. Depending on who you ask, they will tell you that this is the best or the worst thing about training a cat. Cats do not require as much attention as dogs, and they do not care for or want your approval. However, they will wait for you to come to them rather than trying to get your attention.

What this means is that a cat is very relaxed and they are also very concerned with their own needs. That makes it a bit more complicated to train a cat, but you will not have an impossible time, it just takes more effort than with a dog.

How to Get a Cat to Change

A cat can be trained and that means that you have to do it on cat terms. All you need to do is to understand that anything can be accomplished but it will have to be from your cat’s acceptance level and that is also the most important thing for you to understand. You can get your cat to do almost anything that you want with a command. However you want to teach the cat most of all to stay within the boundaries that you set for him of acceptable behavior.

What is Your Goal?

Your goal is relatively simple. You want to help your cat be able to have great manners as a cat that means that he needs to do the right behaviors in the right place. You want to make sure that you are able to get him to do what he is supposed to do in the place he is supposed to do it.

How to Avoid Bad Habits

When it comes to having a cat, you first need to realize that you have to think in terms of prevention and that means that you need to teach your kitten what to do so that he or she does not become a bad cat. The best thing to remember is that you do not want to teach your cat to do anything that you would not want to encourage as it grows up.

How to Shape Your Cat’s Behavior

Keep in mind that you need to make sure that you are able to shape the behaviors that are OK in your household. That means that you want to make sure that if there is something that is not OK that you put a stop to it as quickly as possible because otherwise it becomes a behavior modification.

A perfect example of this kind of behavior is scratching, there are many cats that are declawed but, you can also instead teach your cat to scratch only on an acceptable object. This may mean that your cat is taught that it is OK to use a scratching post and that there is nothing wrong with this behavior. When you are able to do this you will be able to work with your cat to make sure that he or she is showing all of the behaviors that are best for him or her. In addition to this you also want to make sure that you are able to discipline your cat in the most human way possible which is with positive reinforcement. What that means is that you want to reward your cat for when he or she does what you want them to do. So for example, returning to scratching furniture. When you are watching the cat around the cat, you would correct him when he claws the upholstery. That means that the cat would listen to you when you praise and you pet it and do not punish it. You will be able to teach the cat to use the scratching post and to follow other instinctive behaviors without causing a problem. That means that you are going to continue to ensure that you are always giving the cat positive reinforcement and that you are working with him or her to have the best possible solutions.

Remember that every cat is unique and that you as a parent need to be patient with him or her because otherwise your efforts are doomed to fail. Spend the time that is necessary to know your cat and to know his or her habits so that you are able to have a peaceful home.