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2 Paws Up Pet Sitting


2 Paws Up Inc recognizes that every pet is unique with an assortment of needs. We also recognize that the quality of care is so much better for your pets than the quantity of time care. We offer our clients un-timed visits. What do un-timed visits mean to you? Click Here for more information on un-timed visits.

Contact us at 770-695-3096 Ext 0 to find how we can customize your pet care plan.  You will receive an estimate of all charges before your Meet & Greet.

Client Consultations

All-New Client Consultations are required before starting any pet sitting service.  We will need at least 30 minutes to an hour with you.  Why?  The initial consultation is to meet you and your Pets, to become familiar with your pet’s routine, and to discuss all pertinent information about the pets.  We charge a one-time $35 registration fee at the New Client Consultations. The registration fee includes key pick up, phone consultations, processing paperwork, setting up the face-to-face meeting, with one of the sitters for your area.  At the Client Consultation, we will need two (2) sets of Keys.

Saftey and Comfort for Your Pets

Your pet stays in the comfort of their home and can sleep in their bed while their pet sitter plays and cares for them throughout the day.  We will retrieve your mail, alternate lights, as well as water a few plants. We treat your pets like we treat our own.  “Belly Rubs & Kitty Cat Hugs.”

Since the day we started back 2003, we’ve grown from one person, the Owner, Barbie,  to a team of pet sitters – yet the roots remain the same.  We pride ourselves on being a small personal company who promises to provide our customers with exceptional pet care to give them peace of mind when having to leave their pets.  We accomplish this with our “Peace of Mind Pledge.” Because, at the end of the day, we take it personally, all of it.  

For Your Protection

Everyone on the 2 Paws up Inc pet sitting team is dedicated to you our clients!

Our team of professional pet sitters is not just picking up pet sitting jobs here and there. Each team member is an employee who goes through extensive training before entering your home and caring for your pets. Your team pet sitter continues to receive continuing education through fetchfind with weekly online training that comes to their inbox every Friday.

For an extra layer of protection, every client is assigned a primary pet sitter and a backup pet sitter. If there is not enough time for you to meet both, rest assured the primary pet sitter will be sure the backup pet sitter provides the same loving protection to your pets and home.

Building Relationships

We thrive on the relationships we build. These are just a few reasons we invest in employees for our team, and we can avoid the limitations of hiring a team of sub contractors also know as independent contractors. Each professional pet sitter goes through a thorough screening and background checks before joining the team.

Other Services

Trips To The Vet

$34 Round Trip, within a 10-mile radius.  If your preference is for us to stay with your pet, then the pricing begins at $10 an hour.

Trips To The Groomer

$34 Round Trip, within a 10-mile radius.  If your preference is for us to stay with your pet, then the pricing begins at $10 an hour.

Trips To the Grocery Store For Restocking

Within a 5-mile radius of your home, pick up the 10-15 items on your list and bring them back to your home.  Pricing starts at $35 per trip, plus the cost of groceries.

Lockout Service

$35 trip fee (within a 10-mile radius) – Still cheaper than a locksmith.






Misc. Billing Fees:

Late Booking Fee (Less than 24 Hours Notice) ($10)

Late Payment Fee ($5 Per Day) – Payment is due three days before your visit unless you notify the office. Otherwise, you will be billed at $5 Per Day once service starts and until payment is received.

Returned Check Fee ($35)

Refund Charge ($35) otherwise held at no charge toward future pet sitting within six months.

Return Home Early – No Refunds or Credits.

Credit Card Reversal ($35)

Payment, in full, is required three days before the start of services for holiday and vacation pet sitting reservations.

Dog Walking credit cards are charged on the 25th of the month before the start of dog walking. Weekly Dog Walking credit cards are charged on Sunday before the weekly dog walking starts.

All Client/Owners are required to keep a current credit card on file.

Failure to remit payment within 72 hours of the due date will result in a late charge of $5 per day thus an automatic draft utilizing the credit card on file. Client/Owners in good standing can leave payment on the first day of service.

Cancellation Fees

Dog Walking Cancellation. Cancel by 8:00 AM that day. Canceling after 8:00 AM you will be charged for that visit.

Pet Sitting 48 Hour Cancellation.  20% of Total Bill if less than a 48-hour cancellation.

Overnight Pet Sitting Seven Days Notice.  100% of Total Bill if less than seven days notice.

No Refunds or Credit if Client Comes Home Early



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