Policies & Legal Considerations -

Policies & Legal Considerations

Polices & Legal Considerations

For the purposes of this document, the terms Client, Owner, Pet Owner, and Customer are synonymous with the person contracting services for one or more domestic animals.

Payment for pet sitting reservations are not held until full payment is received by 2 Paws Up, Inc or special arrangements are agreed upon by both parties. We accept Visa, MC, Discover, and American Express. We do NOT accept checks for new clients.

Payment for services is ALWAYS due in advance (minimum 48 hours). New Clients will pay at time of registration visit (meet & greet). Established clients in good standing may leave a check for the pet sitter to pick up at the first visit.

Services not paid in advance may be cancelled or terminated by 2 Paws Up, Inc without notice, including prior to or during service period.

Unpaid service may be canceled by 2 Paws Up, Inc, without notice, including to or during the service period.

Prices increase, annually, in January by 2.5%

1. Reservations are made to plan sitter availability for clients. Therefore, clients returning home early will be required to pay for the reserved amount of time scheduled. No credits or refunds.

2. No refunds will be made if client pays then cancels the pet sitting. All prior monies paid will be applied towards future pet sitting. No Refunds.

3. There is an additional service charge of $10-$15 per day for services on holidays. 2 Paws Up Inc recognizes the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. 100% of all holiday service charges are paid to the sitter.

4. Holiday Cancellations: Any holiday cancellation with less than one week’s (7 days) notice to the start of care will be charged 50% of the total assignment. Any holiday cancellation 48 hours or less will result in a 100% charge of total assignment.

5. 2 Paws Up, Inc is not responsible for wilted, dead or otherwise unhealthy plants. 2 Paws Up, Inc will work hard to follow your written directions as precisely as possible, but cannot be responsible if the results are not favorable. Please place all indoor plants together on a waterproof surface in plain sight, as your Pet Sitter is not responsible for water damaged areas or missed plants.

6. 2 Paws Up, Inc is not responsible for damage to the home beyond the control of the Pet Sitter. This includes, but is not limited to leaks, electrical problems, and acts of nature. In these situations, the company will attempt to contact the customer and then the emergency contact before making a subjective decision on dealing with the problem. All repairs and related fees (including Special Service, emergency service, time, and coordination fees) will be paid by the client, or fully reimbursed to 2 Paws Up, Inc within 14 days.

7. 2 Paws Up, Inc is not responsible for any damage to property of the client or others unless such damage is caused by the negligent act of the Pet Sitter. 2 Paws Up, Inc accepts no responsibility for security of the premises or loss if other individuals have access to a client’s home, or if the home is not properly secured, when Pet Sitter arrives.

8. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that 2 Paws Up, Inc is provided with the information regarding any friends, relatives, neighbors, or others whom the client has given access to the home in their absence including contact information in case of emergency.

9. 2 Paws Up, Inc is not liable for any loss or damage in the event a burglary or other crime that should occur while under this contract.

10. Client agrees to secure home prior to leaving the premises. 2 Paws Up, Inc will re-secure the home to the best of its ability at the end of each visit. While keys are in the possession of a Pet Sitter, they will be either on the Sitter’s physical person, or be properly stored at an undisclosed location.

11. Client must have legal rights to place the animals in the care of Pet Sitters, Kennels, and Veterinary Clinics. The Pet Sitter cannot service a home with “visiting” pets or animals that do not belong to the resident of the service site without separate sets of agreement forms, including a Policies & Legal Considerations agreement, accepted and signed by each rightful owner(s), as well as emergency veterinarian information and vaccination records.

12. 2 Paws Up, Inc reserves the right to deny service or terminate service for any reason, but especially in the case of safety concerns, financial concerns, unsanitary conditions, inhumane treatment of animals, non-payment of services, or situations that the pet sitter(s) deems inappropriate or uncomfortable.

13. All other individuals that visit the home (other than 2 Paws Up, Inc pet sitters) must leave a log of their visits, which will include their reason for being in the home, their name, a contact number, and time of their arrival and departure.

14. In case of pet sitter(s) personal emergency, family crisis, illness, injury, vacation, or personal leave, Client authorizes 2 Paws Up, Inc to arrange for a backup sitter(s) to fulfill responsibilities as set forth in this contract, without prior notification to Client. Client waives the right to a meeting with the person who will fulfill these responsibilities, in the interest of time limitations and due to the fact that the person will not be the Client’s permanent pet care provider. If Client insists upon meeting with substitute pet sitter(s), meeting will be arranged if time permits, and may be billed at the rate of a pet sitting visit at the discretion of 2 Paws Up, Inc.

15. 2 Paws Up, Inc will not answer Client’s land line phone while Client is away, nor will 2 Paws Up, Inc be held responsible for important calls Client may have missed while absent. Additionally, should 2 Paws Up, Inc have to call Client due to an emergency or questionable situation, Client may be billed at 2 Paws Up, Inc discretion, for the call, particularly if excessive charges are incurred.

16. 2 Paws Up, Inc does not, under any circumstances, agree to job sharing with Client’s relatives, friends, neighbors, or others. Job sharing is defined as having anyone besides 2 Paws Up, Inc enter the home with the intention of caring for or interacting with any of Client’s pets, whether with Client’s express permission or not. 2 Paws Up, Inc is automatically released from ALL liability, and Client will be deemed to be in breach of contract in these instances. 2 Paws Up, Inc also reserves the right to terminate service AT ANY TIME, in the event of job-sharing, due the liability risks involved, and due to the Client having breached the contract by allowing the job-sharing to occur. If 2 Paws Up, Inc is forced to terminate service due to job sharing, pets will be transported to a veterinarian and or boarding facility for boarding until the client returns home. Clint agrees to pay for boarding and other expenses incurred by the veterinarian and or boarding facility. Client acknowledges that 2 Paws Up, Inc will NOT refund client for any remaining visits. No refunds or credits.

17. It is 2 Paws Up, Inc policy not to discuss details of Client’s absence with anyone, except in the case of an emergency. Client may wish to contact the police department and/or their alarm company (if applicable) to inform them of their absence and the presence of 2 Paws Up, Inc at the home.

18. Client must advise 2 Paws Up, Inc of any difficulties previously encountered from neighbors, their children, or their pets in relation to Client’s pets.

19. Client agrees to receive confirmation email for the dates reserved from the pet sitter BEFORE DEPARTING. Client agrees and understands that 2 Paws Up, Inc will not be held responsible or liable if Client departs without having received email confirmation for pet sitting dates requested. If Client does not receive email confirmation it is the Client’s responsibility to notify 2 Paws Up, Inc.

20. If Client’s trip is extended, Client agrees to contact 2 Paws Up, Inc or the pet sitter. Owner also agrees to notify 2 Paws Up, Inc or the pet sitter within 24 HOURS of their return. If you are delayed it is your responsibility to contact us immediately to continue service beyond the reserved pet sitting dates. If contact is not made, 2 Paws Up, Inc or the pet sitter will reserve the right to continue service, billing the Client for the additional visits.

21. Clients with multiple pets (more than 4) are asked to please leave photos of pets, labeled with pet’s names, so the the sitter can learn all pets names in short order.

22. Client agrees to the current fee schedule as quoted by online service request and/or by 2 Paws Up, Inc office. For questions about rates, please contact the 2 Paws Up, Inc office. Rates subject to change without notice due to operating and/or fuel costs.

23. If Client has a complaint about services, they must notify 2 Paws Up, Inc within 24 hours of their return.

24. 2 Paws Up, Inc will photograph and/or video Client’s pet(s) for identification purposes, and may use the photo(s) and or videos in our published advertising, social media, and or website. If Client disapproves, they must notify us within 48 hours of signing this contract.

25. 2 Paws Up, Inc will file a claim in court against any client who does not pay, or turn the case over to a collection agency.

26. Client is responsible for pet-proofing the house and yard, and the secure fences/gates/latches; this includes shutting of ALL doors that lead to rooms where the pet does not reside or use. 2 Paws Up, Inc is not responsible for any damage to property where client has not properly secured (i.e. rooms that the pet does not reside and or use). 2 Paws Up, Inc will not be responsible for the safety of any pets and will not be liable for the injury disappearance, death, or fines of any pet with unsupervised access to the outdoors.

27. 2 Paws Up, Inc is authorized to seek any emergency veterinarian assistance needed during visits, at the cost of the client, from any veterinarian as chosen by the sitter. However, the company is not responsible for the health/well-being of the animal.

28. Client authorize 2 Paws Up, Inc and or pet sitter(s) to transport my pet(s) to a veterinarian in the event of their illness or injury and authorize treatment deemed necessary by the veterinarian. In the event the pet is in need of hospitalization; 2 Paws Up, Inc is authorized to leave the pet until the pet can be transported home. If at-home medication is prescribed, 2 Paws Up, Inc has my permission to administer the directed dosage. If 2 Paws Up, Inc incurs any medical expenses for the pet’s treatment, the Customer will reimburse that amount plus transportation fees, as applicable within 14 days. 2 Paws Up, Inc/Pet Sitter/Care Taker is authorized to perform care and services as outlined in this agreement. 2 Paws ,Up Inc/Pet Sitter/Care Taker is also authorized to seek emergency veterinary care with release from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment, and expense should specified veterinarian be unavailable, 2 Paws Up, Inc/Pet Sitter/Care Taker is authorized to approve medical and/or emergency treatment (excluding euthanasia) as recommended by a veterinarian. Customer is responsible for paying veterinarian directly, unless this option is not available. If this situation arises, Customer agrees to reimburse 2 Paws Up, Inc for any veterinarian expenses incurred, plus any fees for attending to this need within 14 days.

29. Animal behavior can be unpredictable. 2 Paws Up, Inc does not accept responsibility or liability for animal behavior, normal or otherwise, which results in injury to the Customer’s animal(s) or property. Customer pledges that pet does not have a history of vicious behavior, including biting. If pet is found to have such a problem, Customer agrees to pay for any and all injuries incurred to 2 Paws Up, Inc/Pet Sitter/Care Taker, pet or passersby. Further, if a 2 Paws Up, Inc pet care provider is harmed or injured by the Customer’s animals, the Customer/owner accepts full responsibility for the cost of any necessary medical attention required by either the 2 Paws Up, Inc/Pet Sitter/Care Taker or by the animals. Due to the extreme unpredictability of animals, 2 Paws Up, Inc/Pet Sitter/Care Taker cannot be held responsible for any unusual mishaps (i.e., pet’s refusal to take medication, escaping from the yard, biting, eating or destroying household items, damage to inside/outside of home, personal injury/accidental death). If Customer requests pet(s) to have outside access, Customer releases 2 Paws Up, Inc/Pet Sitter/Care Taker from all liability for loss, injury or death to pet(s). Customer is liable for injury or damage to Third Parties.

30. Pet Owner is responsible for supplying the necessary, safety equipment/supplies needed for care of their pet(s), including but not limited to a sturdy, well-fit harness (halter, collar, etc…) for walks or in case of emergencies, firmly affixed vaccination tags, ID tags, a lead rope or leash, pooper-scoopers, litter boxes, food, cleaning supplies, medicines, pet food, and cat litter.

31. Pet Owner authorizes any purchases necessary for the satisfactory performance of duties. Pet Owner agrees to be responsible for the payment of such items, as well as service fees for obtaining items, and will reimburse 2 Paws Up, Inc within 14 days for all purchases made.

32. Pet Owner will be responsible for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to a Pet Sitter, or other persons, by the pet. Customer agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend 2 Paws Up, Inc, in the event of a claim by any person injured by the pet.

33. It is suggested that arrangements be made with someone to evacuate your pets in case of a disaster or weather related event/crisis/”Code Red”. 2 Paws Up, Inc will make every attempt to see to your pets safety/care should such events occur, but cannot guarantee it.

34. In the event of inclement weather, primarily severe storms, snow/ice conditions etc., or natural disaster, you will entrust 2 Paws Up, Inc/Pet Sitter/Care Taker to use best judgment in caring for pet(s) and home if we are servicing you at the time of inclement weather. If you are aware of a snow or ice storm coming we will not see scheduled pets until after the snow, ice or flood is over and it is safe to drive. Do not leave town assuming we will pet sit. 2 Paws Up, Inc and/or pet sitter will try to carry out your instructions to the best of our ability. The care we provide to our customer’s pets and their safety is our first concern. Customer selection of a nearby emergency contact has been requested. The inclement weather plan will be as follows 1) Every effort will be made to drive to your home and your pets taken and crated/confined to the pet sitters home/ facility; 2) The service schedule may be changed, interrupted, or altered due to circumstances; 3) If it not possible to drive safely to your home, your emergency contact will be notified; 4) You will be notified that the above mentioned contingency plan has been activated.

35. Future Services: I authorize this contract to be valid approval for services so as to permit 2 Paws Up, Inc to accept all future telephone, online, mail, text, or email reservations and enter my home without additional signed contracts or written authorizations.

36. 2 Paws Up, Inc reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time if the Pet Sitter, in his/her sole discretion determines that the Owner’s pet poses a danger to the health or safety of itself, other pets, other people, or the Pet Sitter. If concerns prohibit the Pet Sitter from caring for the pet, the Owner authorizes the pet to be placed in a kennel (or previously arranged locale), with all charges (including but not limited to transportation, kenneling, tranquilizing, treating, accessing, and liability) to be the responsibility of the Owner.

37. 2 Paws Up, Inc agrees to provide services stated in this agreement in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. In consideration of the services as an expressed condition thereof, the client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against the company and its employees, except those arising from negligence.

38. 2 Paws Up, Inc/Pet Sitter/Care Taker will attempt to administer medications as directed but cannot be held responsible for complications that arise as a result. Excessively shy cats with medical problems can be a serious risk. If you have such an animal, this must be thoroughly discussed. Under no circumstances, will 2 Paws Up, Inc/Pet Sitter/Care Taker service any pet that has any form of contagious illness. This is for the safety of other customers. 2 Paws Up, Inc/Pet Sitter/Care Taker requires that all pets have the necessary vaccinations, immunizations or titers before service begins, with NO EXCEPTIONS. If 2 Paws Up, Inc/Pet Sitter/Care Taker is bitten or exposed to any disease or ailment received from the Customer’s pet(s) which has not been properly or currently vaccinated, the Customer will be responsible for all costs and damages that may incur.

39. Client agrees to notify 2 Paws Up, Inc of any concerns within 24 hours of return.

40. The terms of this document apply to all the pets owned by the client, including any and all new pets that the customer obtains on or after the date this document was signed, at any and all locations the owner designates for service.

41. This agreement is valid from the date signed, and replaces any prior Legal Considerations agreements. Client agrees to any future 2 Paws Up, Inc term changes relayed verbally to the client, mailed or emailed in writing to the client, or posted on our website.

42. All dogs will be required to be on leash during outdoor walks. There will be no exceptions.

43. Please provide us with any changes regarding your pet’s care and other pertinent information.

44. Two (2) working copies of your house keys must be provided before start of service. If you live in a gated community, you must provide a gate card, remote control, or appropriate access codes. No keys will be returned by regular mail, hidden outdoors or locking in homes at last visit. If you are not already doing so, consider letting 2 Paws Up, Inc retain your house key. In the event of an unexpected trip, you will be glad you did. Keys are kept in a secured lock system and are coded for customers confidentially. If you choose not, to have 2 Paws Up, Inc retain a key, picking up and returning your keys requires two extra trips and there will be a $20 charge per trip for time and mileage. A second option for key return is via U.S. certified mail. To cover costs, the charge for this is $10. Please check the key you provide 2 Paws Up, Inc and/or pet care agent. Should keys become unusable, lock malfunctions, Customer fails to leave a key or for any other reasons beyond the control of 2 Paws Up, Inc control, Customer authorizes 2 Paws Up, Inc to employ the services of a locksmith to gain entry into Customer’s home on Customer’s behalf. Customer will be responsible for all expenses incurred and reimburse 2 Paws Up, Inc upon return.

45. Please leave your thermostat settings within a normal comfortable range (64-78°). If the house temperature is outside of this range, 2 Paws Up, Inc or pet care agent will adjust the thermostat. This is to ensure the heath and comfort of your pets and 2 Paws Up, Inc/Pet Sitter/Care Taker during our time of stay.

The owner states that he/she has read this agreement in its entirety and fully understands and accepts its terms and conditions.

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