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The Cat’s Meow: What’s my cat really trying to say?

If you own a cat, you already know that your feline friend has a very large vocabulary. Chirps and trills, meows and yowls, purring or hissing, or just an intent, silent stare are all part of your cat’s vocal communication. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the visual cues your cat is giving you.

Amongst themselves, cats communicate by sound, body language, and smell. For us humans, however, we’re more attuned to the vocal cues and the more obvious visual cues while the scent cues are completely lost on us. For this reason, it seems that cats use meows most often when communicating with humans.

Another reason why cats meow at us could relate back to each cat’s experience as a newborn kitten. Kittens are blind and deaf when they’re first born, yet they still meow to alert their mothers of their presence and needs. When we become the cat’s primary caretaker, the all-around distributor of food and love, the cat’s tendency to meow probably becomes directed at us.

Cats have common patterns of communication (as outlined below) but you could also say that each cat has its own “dialect” or unique way of communicating. You help build this dialect as you communicate back to your pet and give her what she wants. Rewards usually reinforce certain behaviors, so if your cat does a funny trill and you laugh and give her love and affection, odds are she’ll keep that trill in her vocabulary. Similarly, if you respond to a meow by giving your cat food, or opening a door, or doing whatever it is she wants you to do, you’re helping your cat to create a code of behaviors and meows that allow her to communicate with you.

When listening to the sounds your cat makes, also pay attention to the context and the body language of your cat. If you’re just walking in the door and your cat meows at you with her tail and ears up, that’s probably a friendly hello. If you find your cat crouched in a corner, ears flat, tail wrapped protectively around her, and she’s making a low, growling meow, she’s probably letting you know she’s feeling threatened and is not interested in your company right now.

Here’s a basic break down of kitty communication:

The All-Purpose Meow
Hello, I’m here, I want food, please pet me, open this door, let me in there… The many meanings of the meow could go on and on. A meow alone won’t tell you much. Pay attention to your cat’s tail, ears, position, and intent. Is she rubbing against your leg or is she on the other side of the room, half-way out the door, trying to get you to follow? Does she seem happy, scared, sad, lonely? Sometimes kitty just wants to get your attention, and for that, a meow is perfect.

This throaty rumble is a sign of contentment and happiness. It can be communicative, meaning your cat wants you to know she’s happy, but it is also just comforting for kitty. In some cases, cats will actually use purring to comfort themselves if they are sick.

Chirps or Trills
You’ll notice that mama cats use trills to communicate with their kittens. It may signal that the cat wants you to follow or do something. Humans often interpret trills as questions because they end on an up note. Trills can also mark confusion or frustration. Watch your cat to see if she seems to be waiting for something from you. Who knows, maybe she is just asking where you’ve been.

This is a very recognizable vocalization that primarily shows up when your kitty is bird or squirrel watching at the window. It looks like an almost knee-jerk reaction of the kitty’s jaw, and some suggest that it’s a mark of frustration or anticipation of the cat wanting to catch what she is seeing outside.

A cat’s growl sounds like a deep, drawn out, gutteral meow. The mildest type of growl simply expresses displeasure. For example, if you’re holding a cat that simply doesn’t want to be held, she will make a long, deep, growl or whine but will not lay the ears back or seem intent on striking out. Still, it’s wise to respect this growl and give the kitty her space. Other growls come out of an awareness of danger that the cat perceives, either for herself or for someone else. Cats are not as people protective as dogs, but they still have those protective instincts. If you hear your cat growling, it’s best to look at her and figure out what is threatening her or someone around her.

This clear signal, whether directed at another cat or at a person, always means, “Back off.”

Yowling or Caterwauling
Loud, drawn out, and repetitive yowling is a female cat’s mating call. This call is distinctive from the more frantic yowling of a cat in distress.

It’s important to note that a sudden change in your cat’s meowing and body language patterns can indicate a change in her health. If you’re aware, your cat can let you know if she’s sick or in pain. Cats also use meowing to express a change in mood. If you bring a new kitten into your home, it may spend the first few nights loudly meowing because it’s looking for its mom and it’s confused by its new surroundings.

Take the time to get to know your cat’s meow. You’ll be surprised to find just how well you can understand your feline friend.

Be Cautious of “Pseudo Pet Sitters”

If you’re a pet owner looking for a pet sitter, it’s like deciding what toilet paper to buy. Okay, seriously, there are so many options on the internet of those who call themselves pet sitters. Retirees, to college students home on break, to your neighborhood teenager.

Who Will Care For My Pets?

I see pet owners asking on Facebook, on Nextdoor, even at a Yoga class if they know of a pet sitter who can watch their pets. There are so many options out there for people who call themselves pet sitters. How do you choose? You want to feel safe and secure about who will be coming into your home to take care of your pets. At 2 Paws Up Inc Pet Sitting and Dog Walking we offer this advice to pet owners: be cautious of the “pseudo pet sitters.”

Pet Sitter Is A Loose Term

Pet owners and news outlets use the term “pet sitter” carelessly, referring to anyone from a family member, to a friend, to a college student, to a retiree, to the neighborhood teenager. Can anyone walk a dog? The answer is yes. However, even for pet owners committed to using professional pet sitters instead of friends and or family, this can be confusing.

Trustworthy Pet Sitter

How do you find someone who is trustworthy? You will want to look for a pet sitter that has not only been trained on the company’s way of doing the “job.” You should also look to see who is educated in animal behavior. Look for pet sitters who know the proper techniques on how to handle a dog if they come across an unleashed dog.  A pet sitter who knows the signs of aggression, and how to best control the situation. A pet sitter who knows the proper way to walk a dog on a leash.

An Independent Contractors Role

Remember a company who hires independent contractors (subcontractor) cannot train or personally educate their pet sitters. They can only instruct them to ask the pet owners on how to care for their pets. The independent contractor’s role is that they have to be held accountable to the company to carry out the job as instructed by the pet owner and the company that has contracted them to perform the job. If a mistake is made or the pet sitter is hurt in your home while caring for your pets, who has to pay?

Influx of Pet-Care Directories

With the influx of pet-care directory sites popping up the last couple of years and news stories touting pet sitting as an easy way to earn extra cash. More and more people are deciding to cash in on the growing need for pet care. Just because you’ve seen a pet sitter on an online directory or even on a nationally publicized site doesn’t ensure they are a legitimate, qualified, pet sitting business.

Take A Closer Look At Who Will Care For Your Pets

It is crucial for pet owners to take a closer look to ensure they are hiring a legitimate, knowledgeable, and trustworthy pet sitter. At 2 Paws Up Inc  Pet Sitting and Dog Walking we take the time to meet with you and your pets. We hire employees giving us the opportunity not only to train but to educate our employees. We perform criminal background checks, carry liability insurance, bonding, and workman’s compensation to ensure the safety of our pet sitters and the safety of our clients and their homes.

If you would like more information about pet care, please email us barbie@2pawsupinc.com or Request A Quote or leave us a message 770-695-3096 Extension 0. We would love to learn more about your pets, and how we can help you.

Tips For Managing A Multi-Dog Households in Gwinnett County

The more dogs in your home, the more important it is that they are well-trained. Take the time to work with each of them to ensure pack unity and reduce stress; after all, aggression is caused by stress. Here are a few beneficial and effective training tips:

  • Remain calm.
  • Leave it be.
  • Exercise.
  • Individual attention.
  • See your veterinarian.


Pros and Cons of Using a Dog Walking App Service

Did you know that you can download an app and have a dog walker come to your home sight unseen at any time? Wow, that is so cool! We often hear “anyone can walk a dog.” So why not try a “UBER” dog walker?

Why Not?

STOP…let’s think about this for a minute. Do you want anyone walking your dog? Do they have the skills and training in subjects such as dog body language, managing reactivity, and proper leash handling skills? Can they handle your puller?

Dogs are not just pets; they are our fur-children. Would you use a phone app to hire a babysitter for your children? Give them access to your home not having met them first the way you order a car ride from your phone? I would believe most would say no. So why would you use a service like “Uber” on demand to book a dog walker to walk your fur-children?

Trust, Security, and Safety

I would worry about trust, security, and safety issues using an on-demand dog walker. Most have us have cameras, and yes, this is a wonderful security feature. However, if you’re at work, and you see happening to your home and pets, could you get home in time to stop the situation?

When I first heard about these types of dog walking companies, I understood the convenience of requesting a dog walker on demand through a phone app. Although, most companies like ours try very hard to accommodate for last minute requests. There may be an additional fee but these last minute/short notice requests, similar to these other on-demand companies. Service may also be submitted from the convenience of your smartphone by making a phone call, or by logging into your pet care portal, or by sending an email.

The only way a dog walking or pet sitting service like this can gain your trust is when you meet someone from that company. Most professional dog walkers do not walk dogs off-leash or in packs for the safety of the dogs. Plus, we shouldn’t believe another person’s dog will listen to them off leash no matter how well trained. There is no guarantee that even the friendliest of dogs will always get along.

I see the biggest problem with the “on demand” companies is they depersonalize something that is so personal and precious to me. I have poured my heart and soul into perfecting 2 Paws Up Inc since 2003 of making sure our clients and their pets always have a wonderful experience.

Commitment to Our Clients

We are committed to our clients’ happiness, and we find ways to better our services. Dogs are a part of our family. We custom tailor each visit to each client and their dogs. At each visit, the client is emailed an e-journal with pictures of their dogs. We know when our pet sitters/dog walkers arrive and complete their visits via using GPS tracking.

How to Get Started – Give Your Dog The Gift of a Dog Walking Service

Did you know and have you ever considered using the service of a dog walker? Give us a call, or email, and we will be happy to get your dog or dogs started. Dog walking is a great service for all shapes, sizes, and ages. From puppies who can’t hold it to senior dogs who also need to go out to potty. We offer dog walking for 30, 45 and 60 minutes. We also offer to take the dogs to a park and walking them. Park walks are great for stimulation and socialization.

Schedule your dog walking service:

Checklist To Help Prepare For Your Dog Walker

Dog walking adventures are just the cure for canine boredom!

Do you worry about your dog getting bored or lonely during the day when you’re gone? Have you considered having one of our certified, and trained dog walkers to take your “mans or moms best friend” on a dog walking adventure? We’re flexible! This service is available to you 7-days a week. You can choose the number of days per week that will fit into your busy lifestyle.

Dog Walking Adventures

This is perfect for you and your dog(s)! We have adventures that are perfect for all shapes and sizes of dogs. We also don’t mind if the owner wants to come along too. Maybe you have a mother or father that you worry is not getting out and walking their dog(s) like they should and you would just feel better if someone was there to help.

Dog Walking adventures are perfect for all dogs. They especially benefit high energy, overweight or dogs who suffer from boredom or separation anxiety, and destructive behaviors.

Dog Walkers

We often hear “anyone can walk a dog”, but do you really just want anyone walking your dog? Our dog walkers receive education and training in subjects such as dog body language, managing reactivity, and proper leash handling skills.  Whether your dog is great on a leash or is a work in progress, we are prepared to walk them safely.

Checklist For Dog Walking

We have created a checklist tool to help you prepare for your dog walker.




Why We Use More than One Sitter

Sometimes people wonder if they will get the same pet sitter or dog walker each time they go out of town, or the same dog walker every time they need their dog walked in Gwinnett County.

At 2 Paws Up Inc, we strive to keep all of our sitters working as a team. This means that every sitter is trained and familiar with the policies and procedures of our company. Every sitter is able to do the job with the same level of care and attention to detail.

Why We Use More than One Sitter

Imagine if your boss said to you that, from now on, you have to work 7 days per week. Not only that, you have to work morning, noon, and night, and that sometimes you will have to spend the night at work as well. How would you feel about doing that job? Would it be something you would look forward to doing? In addition, as you went on working without much of a break, what would happen to the quality of your work?

Even though we work with pets, the same reasoning applies to pet sitters and dog walkers. They need consistent days off and they need to be able to spend time with friends and family each day. They need time to do all of the things you like to do when you are off from work.

For our pet sitters to have days off, we must use more than one pet sitter per client.

We also work our sitters in shifts so that they have part of their time each working day to eat with their families, run errands, or just unwind.

We have seen that this keeps the quality and level of service high since sitters have the appropriate time needed to rest and recharge.

Why Our Clients Love that We Work as a Team

This is something that you, our clients have come to love because they know they will receive the same level of care no matter which sitter or walker takes care of their pet.

In addition, to you, our clients rest easy knowing they can count on us when they need care for their pet(s). You are not depending on just one person, but we have a team of highly qualified and dedicated sitters at your service. You are not left in a bind if there is an emergency with a sitter or if someone gets sick or must take a vacation, there is always someone to take care of your pet(s).

One of our clients, Colin Smith, in Grayson, had the following to say about our team of sitters: “All of the sitters we’ve used from 2 Paws Up Inc have been wonderful! Our dogs are very well taken care of and our house is in perfect order when we return home.”

Another client, Steve and Emily Johnson, in Lilburn, said, “Your service is a Godsend for us! We know that our dogs are in good hands when we are away. We would never leave them before we found you. No improvements needed! All of your sitters have been awesome!”

Are You Interested in getting our team of sitters to work for you? Contact us today!