What does an Un-Timed visit mean to you? -

What does an Un-Timed visit mean to you?

by 2 Paws Up Inc on January 12, 2017 in Recent Blog Posts



It’s about quality of time not quantity of time. This means if Gigi is scared, we will take the time to try to form a bond. If Gigi is sad because Mom or Dad is away, we will sit on the floor and hand feed her.

Or if it’s a beautiful day and they are really enjoying their walk, we might take an extra lap. If Gigi decides to “redecorate your house” or have an accident and we need more time to clean up and wash materials, we will be there to get it done.


We are more concerned about you and your pets happiness and less about the ticking on the clock! If an emergency arises, we deal with that 100% with no extra charge for our time.

Un-timed visits mean we are there for the quality of time…not the quantity of time!

If we charged by the time, you would come home to an extra bill for extra time spent. With us, you will never have an extra bill. We provide a full service, quality service, guaranteed!

If you are concerned that the sitter will rush in and rush out, I promise you that we keep track of all of our pet sitters using our pet sitting software, and GPS. Caring for your furry ones is a passion, not a job.

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