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Pet Sitting

Using the Services of a Pet Sitter

Are you planning a vacation or a business trip and are wondering what to do with your pets while you’re away? Need someone experienced in all types of animals, dogs, cats, small exotics, and some farm animals.

Pet Owners come to 2 Paws up Inc because:

  • They do not want to put their pets in a kennel.
  • They do not want to ask friends or family to take care of their pets.
  • They want an established, award-winning company who understands pet behavior and knows what to do in an emergency.
  • They are looking for a reliable, trusting, pet sitters who are trained as well as educated in animal behavior.

2 Paws Up Inc pet sitting employees are trained weekly online through FetchFind Approved.  We believe in hiring employees, not someone looking for a pet gig.

We promise to provide our clients with exceptional pet care in order to give them peace of mind when having to leave their pets.  We accomplish this with The 2 Paws Up Difference Blueprint.

Call us to look after your pets, home, and property; we take care of all the extras like collecting the mail and newspapers. We will take the trash and recycling to the curb as well as collecting the trash and recycling bins. Just as if you were there.

We understand pets are happiest at home in their own beds, with their own bowl, and in their own familiar surroundings. 2 Paws Up Inc personalized in-your-home care provides the safety and stability by providing you with peace of mind when you can’t be there. Our pet sitters are passionate about animals. We don’t just provide care; we provide love.

In-Your-Home Pet Sitting is perfect for the pet owner who doesn’t wish to take their pets to a kennel which often causes undue stress to the pets. We feel pets are happiest in their environment. We’ll love your pets just as if there will be no tomorrow. We provide basic chores such as bringing in the mail, newspapers, adjusting the lighting and window treatments.

All new clients receive a “Meet and Greet” consultation where we will fully explain our services, learn about your pet(s) and handle all the administrative details. There is a $25 fee for this visit regardless if you use us or you choose not to use our services or your pets are aggressive, or we feel that the pet may be a better fit for another pet care business.

To Get Started

Complete the Request A Quote tab. Once we receive your form, we will email a Welcome Letter and an Invite to update your pet care portal for your home, pets, and billing. Please read, complete and electronically sign all the documents. These documents are located on the FORMS tab, within your pet care portal.

Once we receive confirmation that all your FORMS have been completed and your BILLING information updated, your pet sitter will contact you to schedule your “Meet and Greet” consultation.

We no longer keep keys on file. We use lockboxes. You can purchase a lockbox at Lowes, HomeDepot or Amazon or we can provide a lockbox, for an additional $25. For more information regarding our policy on lockboxes, please CLICK HERE.

Please remember we work as a team, and while we typically assign one sitter, we can’t always guarantee their availability. Thank you.

If this is you, then complete the Request-A-Quote or Call us at 770-695-3096 Ext 0.

Rates and Fees

  • One Dog – $22 (30 Minutes)
  • Two Dogs – $24 (30 Minutes)
  • Three Dogs -$25 (30 Minutes)
  • Four Dogs and/or More than Four Cats – $38 (goes to one hour)
  • Cats-up to four-$25 (more than four is $38-or an hour)
  • Rabbits – $25 (30 minutes)
  • Five or More Animals – $50 per visit (one hour)
  • Fish Tank-add $10 per visit
  • One-hour visit – $39
  • Overnights – We stay in your home from 10 pm to 6 am – $100
  • Less than 24-hour scheduling for existing client: $10
  • Less than 48-hour scheduling for new clients: $50


Holiday Surcharges

New Year’s Eve – $25/Day

New Years Day – $25/Day

Easter Day – $20/Day

Memorial Day – $20/Day

Fourth of July – $20/Day

Labor Day – $20/Day

Thanksgiving – $25/Day

Day After Thanksgiving -$25/Day

Christmas Eve – $25/Day

Christmas Day – $25/Day

Most of our clients have asked some of the following questions:

How much does it cost to use a Pet Sitter?

What are the advantages to using the service of a Pet Sitter?

Who will be coming into my home?

I am ready to schedule services, what is the next step?

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