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Dog Walking

Are you spending your lunch break running home to let the dogs out?  Is your commute one-way to work taking more than an hour?

If you are working long hours and don’t want to leave your dog for an extended length of time, then give your dog a wonderful gift of a one-on-one dog walkYou can relax at the end of the day instead of rushing home to let the dog(s) out. A mid-day walk is good for your dog’s physical and mental health, as well as, it helps prevent boredom. It is a great way to release excessive energy and helps maintain a healthy weight. Our dog walkers will visit your home between the hours of 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

People who use 2 Paws Up, Inc Dog Walking Service are:

  1. Working long hours, plus a long commute, and want their dog to get out for a potty break every day.
  2. Are not able to walk their dog due to illness or injury.
  3. Want the convenience of hiring a Dog Walker when they have other commitments.
  4. Seniors who live in a retirement community, and need extra help with their dog.

If you are ready to book a Dog Walker then submit Request A Quote or give us a Call 770-695-3096.

If you are still considering the option then we find most of our clients have some of the following questions:

How Much Does A Dog Walker Cost?

Why do pet owners want a Dog Walker?  10 Things We Love about Dog Walkers.

Will my Dog Walker walk my Dog in The Heat?

How Do I know My Dog Walker is A Professional?


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