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Concierge Services

Trips to the Vet

We know you lead a busy life and we are here to help. We can take your pet to the vet so you don’t have to. Going to the vet can be very traumatic for some animals. 2 Paws Up inc will pick up or drop off your pet beginning at $17 one way, within a 10-mile radius.  If your preference is for us to stay with your pet, then the pricing begins at $35 an hour.

Your pet’s safety is our priority.  We will transport your pet to the closest emergency clinic.  Once the pet is stabilized and you have returned home, we will discuss the extra time we spent with your pet and agree on compensation.


Trips to the Groomer

We are here to help with your busy life.  Many pets need regular grooming. Once every 4 to 6 weeks.  We are available, and would be happy to save you time by taking your pet(s) to get that much needed bath and haircut. 2 Paws Up Inc will pick up or drop off your pet beginning at $17 one way, within a 10-mile radius.  If your preference is for us to stay with your pet, then the pricing begins at $35 an hour.


Trips to the Grocery Store for Restocking

You are returning home from a vacation or a business trip and would love to come home to a well stocked cabinet or refrigerator.  We are here to help make that happen for you.  2 Paws Up Inc will go to the grocery story for you, within a 5-mile radius of your home, pick up the 10-15 items on your list and bring them back to your home.  Pricing starts at $35 per trip, plus the cost of groceries.


Lockout Service

The greatest advantage of us keeping your key on file is having someone else to call if you lock yourself out of your house.  Locksmiths can be very expensive! For a $35 trip fee (within a 10-mile radius), 2 Paws Up Inc will come to your home to unlock your door should you ever lock yourself out.


Other Links

We have clients who own their own business.  If you would like to be listed, free of charge, then email me your name, the name of your company, phone number, website, and a brief description.


Mr. Clock – Clock Repair, Service and Sales

Cat poses with an antique clockMichael Linz, Owner



Michael Linz will give you a free estimate of your clock repairs and will keep you updated on the progress. Michael Linz will travel to your home to service and help you set up your Grandfather or Grandmother clock. Having been in the broadcast business, he understands perfection and details; this is what you will see and know as soon as you meet him personally or just a conversation over the phone.

Patty Gabilondo, ShelfGenie


YOUR PERSONAL DESIGNER Patty Gabilondo (a 2 Paws Up Inc client!) will assist you all the way through your custom design.

  1. Patty will come to your home to get to know your unique needs and design tastes.
  2. Patty will design a plan made for you, and you’ll get a custom designed solution on the spot, with no obligation.
  3. They will do all the work. Your product will be expertly crafted from measurement through construction. Custom-made for you.


Autobell Car Wash


A car is never just a car.  It’s part of your daily life. Part of who you are.

So, when it’s time to get your car washed, you want someone who understands you. Your standards. Your urgency. Someone you can trust to do it right. Someone who’s there to put the shine back on your car. And in your day.

And that’s where Autobell® Car Wash shines. At every one of our locations, you get a team who work as one. You get well-trained people who care about you, your time and your car. You get the customized interior and exterior cleaning options you need. You get a warranty that promises a clean car or we’ll reclean it, free. And you get it all in 15 minutes or less.



Our shop/bakery is located at:

tajmahound store front

707 E Lake Drive
Suite D
Decatur, GA 30030

Tel. 404-377-9220


The Yoga Source Studio (Marcia Scredon, Current Client)

Yoga source2268 Fountain Square, Snellville, GA  30078



Lucky Dog Grooming

2100 Fountain Square #A, Snellville, GA  30078



Funnybones For Dogs

funnybones4 Killian Hill Rd, Lilburn, GA 30047



For Dog Trainers


Hello and welcome to fun page.
Share your feedback about our equipment as well as photos and videos of your dogs!
Awards has been an official sponsor of World Championship WUSV 2011 and IRO World Championship 2012.
A wide range of professional dog training equipment: leather and nylon harnesses, wire muzzles, tracking and walking leashes. A variety of handmade leather and nylon collars.

Snellville Animal Hospital

Snellville Animal Hospital2387 Main Street East

Snellville, GA  30078



Beautifully Bohemian

beautiflly bohemanRandi, Owner



I hope you take the opportunity to read my book because I wanted to share this valuable information with you. The book can be purchased on Amazon. All you have to do is click on the picture. Happy Reading!

Happy Pets

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